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When faced with divorce, you need one of the best Divorce lawyers in Houston who will take pride in winning your case and make your legal issues a top priority.  Our firm is unique in that we are focus exclusively on divorce and family law issues and work tirelessly to achieve our client’s goals.  With personal experience and an intimate understanding of the law, we have a passion for helping those who need us most. Shawn M. Rudisel is a Houston divorce lawyer that truly cares about your case and is ready to help with your divorce, child support, modification, property and child custody issues.

Finding a Houston divorce lawyer you can trust can be difficult.  Divorce and family law cases require sound legal advice and skillful representation in the courtroom. Mr. Rudisel has honed his skills by litigating hundreds of cases against some of Houston’s toughest attorneys. As a divorced father of four, he personally understands the divorce process.  We know what to expect in the courtroom and more importantly, we know what it takes to win.

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I'll have to admit, I had a wonderful experience with Rudisel Law Firm. From the beginning to end, I have no complaints. My case was finally finalized, and everything went as planned. I would highly recommend this practice to any one looking for an awesome lawyer. Oh, he's also pretty darn funny!

D. Salazar, Client 2015
D. Salazar, Client 2015

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Call The Rudisel Law Firm, P.C. and schedule your complimentary consultation with our Houston divorce attorneys and let us help you.  Whether you are going through a divorce, child custody dispute or child support issue, we can help.  Our Houston divorce lawyer understands that dealing with divorce and family related issues can be stressful and sometimes life-altering. We will not only explain the law to you in an easy-to-understand manner, we’ll take the time to listen to your individual case and counsel you through your difficult time.

Before filing for divorce you should get the answers you need:

  • How much does a divorce cost?
  • How long does a divorce take?
  • How does child custody work in Texas?
  • Will I receive or pay child support?
  • Who will live in the house during the divorce?
  • What happens to my business and assets during a divorce?
  • Am I entitled to spousal maintenance or alimony?
  • What will my Houston divorce attorneys do for me?

When you schedule an appointment for a free consultation with The Rudisel Law Firm, P.C. you will receive the attention you need and deserve.  We will take as much time as is necessary in order to properly evaluate your case and answer any questions you may have.  Being skilled in family law litigation is only one quality that distinguishes us from other law firms out there.  Our ability to listen, relate and truly empathize with our clients makes our firm one of a kind.  It is not an easy task to choose which Houston divorce attorneys are right for you and you should be picky. Mr. Rudisel has been recognized by his colleagues and peers as one of the Top Houston Divorce Lawyers for 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 for his dedication to the practice of divorce, child custody, child support and Texas family law.

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