When Child Custody Arrangements Stall Your Texas Divorce

If you are going through a divorce, your number one concern is naturally your children and child custody arrangements. If you and your divorcing spouse can’t agree on those arrangements, it is likely to make the already difficult divorce process that much more grueling. If you and your children’s other parent can’t ultimately hammer out a parenting plan that you both can live with, the court will likely decide the matter for you. Your child custody arrangements are too important to leave to chance; consult with an experienced Houston family law attorney today.

What’s Best for Your Children

You want what’s best for your children, and if you and their other parent can’t see eye to eye on the matter, it can not only significantly stall your divorce but can also cause serious heartache. However, it’s important to remember that children fare best when they spend a decent amount of time with both parents. Being open to possibility while you’re attempting to negotiate a visitation schedule may be all you need to help you find some common ground with your divorcing spouse.

Negotiation is Key

If you and your soon-to-be ex have stalled at the child custody arrangements, it’s time to reflect on your priorities. Being the custodial parent may be your primary concern if you have been the more active day-to-day parent in your children’s lives. Once you recognize what’s most important to you regarding child custody, you might feel more comfortable agreeing to allow your children’s other parent more visitation time.

The fact is that divorce is extremely stressful, and issues related to our children’s well-being are extremely stressful, and the combination can be so overwhelming that it leads otherwise reasonable people sometimes to do unreasonable things. If your spouse is digging his or her heels in, it’s probably time to pull out your best negotiating skills and see where they get you. When you recognize that spending a good amount of time with their other parent is in your children’s best interests, it may allow you to feel a bit more generous regarding the visitation schedule.

Mediation: The Next Step

If you and your divorcing spouse – with the guidance and help of your respective family law attorneys – simply can’t come to terms that you can both live with, the next step will likely be mediation. Mediators who guide mediation sessions are trained to help couples in situations much like your own find some middle ground and hammer out agreements that both parties can sign off on. The mediator may also provide you with some insight regarding your dilemma and might share his or her best guess related to the direction the court is likely to go in if it comes to that.

Look at mediation as an opportunity to have your voice heard, and make sure that you have a solid understanding of where you’re willing to compromise on any of those issues that give you pause. Your dedicated Houston divorce attorney will help you better understand your options and recognize your priorities. Your spouse is very likely as upset about the subject as you are, and if you can demonstrate that you are willing to be flexible on the matter, it might provide him or her with the peace of mind necessary to make compromises.

Taking the Matter to Court

Some couples have such differing and intransigent views that they simply come to a standstill on this important topic. Further, if your divorce is highly contentious, emotions might run so high that every decision that needs to be made is much more difficult. If you and your children’s other parent simply can’t reach a consensus regarding child custody arrangements, you will likely have to turn the matter over to the court.

The Court’s Stance

The court makes decisions in the best interest of the children involved. This is all well and good, but the presiding judge can’t possibly know your children the way you do, which means that his or her judgment regarding what’s best for your children may not coincide with your own. Avoiding the unknown element of the court and the attendant judge’s decision is always the best path if it is even remotely possible.

If your divorce has gone in such a direction that there is no other option, your experienced family law attorney will help ensure that you are well prepared to go before the court and present the strongest evidence regarding why the child custody arrangements you envision represent the best path forward for your children. Being able to demonstrate that you have been more than willing to compromise on the matter throughout the process can only help your case.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward

If you’re going to court regarding child custody, it’s your opportunity to have your voice heard and demonstrate exactly what you have to offer your children. Divorce can negatively affect even the coolest heads, but when you go to court, you want to bring your A-game. Part of this is showing through your actions and demeanor that you are ready, willing, and able to address the issue reasonably and to compromise on the details. You are before the court to take care of an important matter, and showing respect for the process is in your and your children’s best interests.

If You and Your Divorcing Spouse Are at a Standstill Regarding Child Custody, Consult with an Experienced Houston Family Law Attorney Today

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