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COVID-19 Update, Harris County, TX

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Corona Virus (COVID-19) and Houston Family Law

Corona Virus (COVID-19) has had a huge impact on the family courts in Houston and surrounding counties.  The Texas Supreme Court has issued multiple emergency orders in an effort to protect the public and the judicial system.

COVID-19, Coronavirus Update, Houston, TX Family Courts

Visitation during Coronavirus Pandemic

Emergency Order 2, issued on March 17, 2020 clarified that COVID-19 related school closures would not affect visitation orders in Texas.  Local courts have echoed the Texas Supreme Court’s directives and the consensus is that all visitation schedules are to be implemented as normal.  We are advising all of our clients to follow their court order to avoid court intervention.

Court Hearings

Although courts remain closed, we are operating at full capacity and are still able to file suits and request hearings as normal.   Courts will hear “essential” matters in person and other hearings may be held by video conference.  Essential matters are generally considered to be cases involving child endangerment, Child Protective Services and matters involving the withholding of children. Updates are being made daily so we recommend calling us for further information as it comes in.

Office Appointments

We are currently working remotely and at full capacity.  Much is going on behind the scenes even though the courts are temporarily closed.  We encourage all of clients to contact our firm as necessary.  All new clients may schedule an in-person consultation at our office however, we are offering remote consultations for free as needed or requested.


Click HERE to view all orders issued by the Texas Supreme Court relating to COVID-19.

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