Houston Child Support Lawyer: Above the Guidelines

Child Support in Texas: Courts can Order an Amount above the Guidelines

As mentioned in a previous post, the Texas Family Code establishes guidelines for the courts to follow when ordering child support.  As explained in that post, the guidelines translate to a percentage of an obligor’s net monthly income. Clients often ask if the guideline maximum amount of monthly child support ($1,710.00 for one child, $2,137.50 for two, and so on) is absolute.  As a Houston child support lawyer, I have to tell them no.  Though not common, a court can deviate from the guidelines if the evidence indicates that the guideline amount is not in the child’s best interest and warrants a variance from the guidelines. The courts can look at the child’s age and needs, the financials of both parents, daycare costs, etc. when determining the amount of support an obligor should pay.

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