Child Support Calculations in Texas

Child support in Texas follows guidelines set out in the Texas Family Code, Chapter 154.  The guidelines assign percentages of net income based on the number of children the obligor (person responsible for paying child support) has a duty to support.  The child support guidelines are applied to only the first $8,550 of net income per month.  Read more below from Shawn M. Rudisel, your Houston child support lawyer.

Net Income is all income (including overtime) minus taxes, union dues and the cost of health insurance for the obligor’s child ordered by a court. A spouse’s income is not considered for the purposes of calculating child support.

The Texas Child Support guidelines are as follows:

  • 1 Child = 20% of Obligor’s net income
  • 2 Children = 25% of Obligor’s net income
  • 3 Children = 30% of Obligor’s net income
  • 4 Children = 35% of Obligor’s net income
  • 5 Children = 40% of Obligor’s net income

These percentages may be lower if the Obligor has other children he or she is under an obligation to support. Courts may also deviate from the guidelines and order additional amounts of Texas child support depending on the income of the parties and the proven needs of the child or children.

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