Uncontested Divorce

Our staff here at The Rudisel Law Firm, P.C. understands that going through a divorce is a life changing event. Although divorces have the potential to become bitter legal disputes, many times spouses understand that a separation is necessary and they agree on all aspects of the divorce. These “uncontested” divorces not only save both spouses money, they allow the spouses to secure a divorce quickly with minimal time spent in court. Contact a qualified Houston divorce lawyer and schedule a complimentary consultation so we can today.

For a divorce to truly be considered “uncontested” both spouses must:

  1. Agree to proceed with a divorce;
  2. Agree on all aspects of the divorce including child custody,child support, visitation , property and allocation of debt;
  3. Hire only one attorney; and
  4. All parties must agree to sign all necessary documentation.

What is the process for completing an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce begins with a complimentary consultation at The Rudisel Law Firm, P.C.  Our Houston divorce lawyers will make sure the parties understand the relevant issues and the law.  The parties must be certain they will agree to divorce. One spouse will then hire the firm and the process in court begins.

Our team will file an Original Petition for Divorce in the county where a least one spouse has resided for a minimum of 90 days. The divorce will be finalized after it has been on file for at least 60 days. The non-filing spouse will then need to sign a Waiver of Service in the presence of a notary public.  The waiver brings the non-filing spouse into the process and allows the divorce to move forward.

The parties will then meet with our staff to go over the details of the divorce (custody, property division, etc.).  The attorney will draft the agreements reached in a final decree of divorce.  Both parties will sign the decree and at least one party will appear in court for a brief hearing so a judge may grant the divorce.  Once signed, our staff will provide the client one certified copy of the decree.

Let us properly draft and file the necessary documents. Once you and your spouse agree on a divorce, we handle the rest.

Contact Shawn M. Rudisel, recognized as a top-tier Houston Divorce Lawyer. Here at The Rudisel Law Firm, P.C. we offer a complimentary consultation to discuss what to expect when filing an Uncontested Divorce in Texas.