Life After Divorce in Texas

Tying Up Loose Ends after a Texas Divorce

Divorce in Texas can be hard, but once you’ve made it to the other side and your divorce is final, there are some steps you can take that will help you move into your post-divorce future with confidence. Divorce has a way of making people feel like they’re not quite walking on solid ground. The best path forward, however, is one step at a time. Naturally, you are very glad to have made it through the difficult divorce process, but tying up all the loose ends that come afterward is critical to your ability to move smoothly into your new future.

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Tax Implications and Divorce

Once you have your final divorce decree, your tax status will likely change, and it’s important to let the HR department at your place of employment know about this change. Fill out your new tax documents carefully because you want them to accurately reflect your newly single status and any tax exemptions you claim. Who will be able to claim the children as exemptions after divorce is an essential component of every divorce involving children? Work closely with your experienced Houston divorce attorney so that you understand this issue and how it will affect your financial future.

Changing Your Last Name

Many women change their last names when they get married and their last names back to their maiden names after divorce. Texas law allows the judge to grant you this name change during your divorce, but granting such a change does not change your name on important documents, including government records. If you are in this particular situation, you probably have more official name-change maneuvers to make than you realize:

  • Changing your name on official documents at work, including your 401(k) and health insurance plan
  • Having a new Social Security card, driver’s license, and passport issued with your newly changed name
  • Changing your name on insurance policies and other important financial documents
  • Changing your name on your mortgage, credit cards, and other financial tools

Failing to have your name changed promptly on these important documents can create significant difficulties that you probably haven’t even considered. Take the time to carefully go through the process of consistently changing your name across all these categories, and you’ll make it much easier to move forward post-divorce.

Your Mortgage

If your ex is staying in your marital home and taking over the mortgage, make sure to have your name removed from that mortgage (and vice versa if you are taking over the mortgage). If your name remains on a mortgage, you remain responsible—even if you no longer have anything to do with the home. This may seem like obvious advice, but not all divorced couples get this detail taken care of as quickly as they should, and not doing so can negatively affect your financial future.

Understand Your Divorce Decree

When you’re going through a divorce, your life is off-kilter, and that’s to be expected. Your divorce decree, however, lays the foundation for how you intend to move forward related to the division of your marital assets, the payment of child support, the payment of spousal maintenance (where appropriate), and more. Make sure that you understand your responsibilities so that you can adhere to them and know what to expect regarding your ex’s responsibilities. Your experienced divorce attorney should carefully go over your divorce decree with you so that you’ll better understand you and your ex’s respective responsibilities. Knowing what to expect can help ease the anxiety of transitioning from being part of a married couple to living as a single person. In addition, understanding your ex’s responsibilities will help you better recognize if he or she ever becomes non-compliant – and when to seek a legal remedy.

Exchanging of Property

If your divorce involves exchanging property with your newly divorced spouse, you must schedule and make the hand-off. Sometimes, this property is sentimental, and sometimes it has actual monetary value (or a combination of both). Still, part of moving forward after divorce is taking care of these details. Schedule a time with your ex to make the exchange, and do your best to keep things as civil as possible. If your divorce was simply too acrimonious for you to feel comfortable meeting and exchanging property in person, choose a spot whereby you can make the exchange by dropping the items with a neutral third party. Everyone understands that divorce is hard, and it shouldn’t be difficult to find someone willing to help.

Your Divorce

Every divorce is unique, so you must understand what your divorce decree entails. While you probably won’t need your experienced Houston divorce attorney’s skills for much longer, take the time to review the ins and outs of your divorce decree with him or her. Further, ensure you understand the implications for your upcoming post-divorce life. This information will give you the tools to move forward with confidence and security. Your dedicated divorce attorney is there to help.

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