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Shawn M. Rudisel

Attorney Shawn M. Rudisel is a proud father of six with a unique perspective that few Family Lawyers have.  He uses his personal divorce experience to relate to his clients’ perspectives.  Mr. Rudisel is passionate about Family Law and focuses on ensuring his clients have the most personable, reliable, and effective experience possible.

Shawn has earned recognition from colleagues and peers as one of Houston’s Top Divorce Lawyers for multiple years (2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017), thanks to his unwavering dedication to family law litigation in Texas. Having gone through a divorce and as a father of six, Mr. Rudisel possesses a rare, unique insight among family law attorneys. His journey through divorce and deep understanding of his client’s needs set him apart in his field.

Samantha C. Rudisel

Samantha C. Rudisel is Mr. Rudisel’s wife and Senior Paralegal. She is a trusted and valuable asset to The Rudisel Law Firm, P.C. Acting as a liaison for the firm, Mrs. Rudisel knows policy and procedure for every family law court in Harris and surrounding counties. She skillfully assists Mr. Rudisel in numerous trials in preparation and full litigation. 

Mrs. Rudisel is also the firm’s Human Resources Director and Office Manager, assisting with case management, mediation, billing, and Web Development.  Mrs. Rudisel is an integral part of the firm and has years of management experience. Through continued training and employee development, Mrs. Rudisel ensures that all staff is functioning at their highest level for our clients.

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