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Parenting Classes in Houston, Texas

The Section 105.009 of the Texas Family Code grants Texas family courts the authority to order parents to attend parenting classes when children are involved. Accordingly, many courts require both parents to attend an approved class prior to finalizing divorces and other suits involving children. Approved classes can be completed online or in person and are generally 4 hours long. Below is a list of courts and counties that require parenting classes. It is recommended that all parents take a parenting class as court policies frequently change without notice and failure to present a certificate of completion for a required class could potentially delay your case.

Divorce attorneys in Houston, TX parenting classes

Harris County Approved Parenting Classes (308th, 310th, 311th, 247th)

1. Children Cope (713) 952-COPE (2673)
2. Escape (713) 942-9500
3. Children in the Middle (713) 468-8356
4. Parents Apart (281) 333-5866
5. Family Education Institute (713) 688-9122
6. Centro Infantil De Pelchin (713) 730-2335
7. Stop the Conflict (713) 520-5370
8. Building New Beginnings (Escape Center) (713) 942-9500
9. Family Time Crisis & Counseling Center (281) 446-2615
10. Putting Kids First (888) 777-2298 EXT. 221

Online Parenting Classes in Houston

1. www.positiveparentingthroughdivorce.com
2. www.parentingpartnerships.com
3. www.puttingkidsfirst.org

Fort Bend County Approved Parenting Classes (All courts)

1. Escape Family Resource Center (713) 942-9500
2. Depelchin Children’s Center (713) 730-2335
3. Divorce As Friends, Stop the Conflict (713) 520-5370

Online Parenting Classes

1. www.ucrecovery.com
2. www.puttingkidsfirst.org
3. www.kidsfirsttexas.com
4. www.family-affairs.org
5. www.parentingchoice.com
6. www.parentingpartnerships.com
7. www.txparent.com
8. www.parentclassonline.com
9. www.onlineparentingprograms.com

Montgomery County Approved Parenting Classes (All courts)

1. Counseling Center of Montgomery County (936) 900-8900
2. Connecting Families (936) 441-4733

Online Parenting Classes

1. www.txparent.com

Brazoria and Galveston County Approved Parenting Classes (All courts)

1. www.yfcs.org (For Kid’s Sake) (979) 849-7751
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