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Tips for Appearing in Court 

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10 Tips for a Successful Day in Court


1. Arrive downtown at least 45 minutes early to allow for parking and security checks. The fewer items you are carrying (loose change, watches, jewelry, etc.) the faster you will get through security.

2. Plan on being in court all day. We do not control the flow of court cases. Make arrangements with your employer prior to your court date.

3. Do not bring children to court as most judges will not allow them in the courtroom.

4. Do not bring significant others to court as it may cause unnecessary stress and make negotiations more difficult.

5. Do not talk once in the courtroom. Step outside if conversation is necessary.

6. Turn your phone off in the courtroom. If it rings, you may lose it to the court.

7. Wait patiently for your attorney as we may be in another court. If we are elsewhere, the court will be notified and your case will be placed on hold.

8. Do not attempt to litigate your case with your opposing party. That is what you hired us for. If your opposing party’s attorney attempts to talk to you, politely tell them your attorney is on the way and do not answer any further questions.

9. Food is available in the basement in both courthouses. Bring cash as not all cafeterias take credit cards.

10. If a hearing is necessary, do not argue with your spouse or other witnesses in front of the judge. Only answer the questions you are asked. Judges hear these cases daily and can usually tell when someone is not telling the truth. Outbursts are not necessary nor welcomed by the Court.

Child Support for Children with Special Needs

Child Support for Children with Special Needs

Divorces that involve children are naturally the most difficult of all, and if your child has special needs, it is that much more difficult. Children with special needs often require more ongoing care and attention than other children – often far into their futures....

Is a Divorce Attorney Really Necessary?

Is a Divorce Attorney Really Necessary?

If you are facing a divorce, you have a lot of important decisions to make regarding you and your children’s future. If you and your divorcing spouse are in agreement about the divorce basics, you may wonder if you really need to bother with hiring a divorce attorney....

What You Need to Know about Child Custody in Texas

What You Need to Know about Child Custody in Texas

Nothing about divorce is easy, but if you’re facing a divorce that involves children, their ongoing well-being, health, and happiness are obviously your top priority. While the State of Texas employs some unique language when it comes to child custody, its practices...

Texas Alimony Considerations

Texas Alimony Considerations

Spousal support (or alimony) refers to a financial consideration one spouse pays the other after a divorce (and sometimes during the pendency of a divorce). Not every divorce involves alimony. In fact, alimony is never a certainty, but there are a wide range of...

The Divorce Petition: The First Step in the Divorce Process

The Divorce Petition: The First Step in the Divorce Process

Coming to the decision that it's time to end your marriage is never easy, and if you've recently come to this conclusion, you may be at a loss regarding how to move forward. The very first step after making the momentous divorce decision is to file a divorce petition....

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